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My Dearest Best Friend (Poem)

By: Genquen Philip Carado

My Best Friend,

A friend that really cares,

All my secrets I can share and

When I need a hand, she is always there to understand!

When I cry, she is always there.

If I am away, she remember me by her heart,

If I am in trouble, she comfort me all the way,

And if I am down, she lifts me up through the sky.

I prayed for you before we met,

Not knowing who would you be,

I asked the Lord to send me a friend,

And you are the one chosen for me.

When I asked the Lord to send a friend,

Many came and went,

After years gone by, He gave me more than I ever wanted,

For you are the friend He sent.

My dearest best friend, as we go through the years,

Let me say to you that thanks for everything,

Thanks for loving me for who I am,

And thanks for your tender loving care that you gave your old pal.